The mask is the result of a vast drama; the masked man gives the universal system movement and color.(Griaule)

Masks all over the world are most frequently used in religio-magico-social rituals. Rituals are pragmatic instruments, composed of gestures, words and objects (in this case masks) in which unseen spirit-powers postulated as sacred were cast into the visible world. The immense meaningfulness of the rituals and their evolution into the cults evoking awe and reverence were due to their suggestive quality, their power to express, reveal and activate man's need for transcendence. The universal role of the mask during the entire history of mankind was conditioned by a ritual way of doing things, in which the mask was an indispensable instrument.(Segy)

The items in this collection vary between collector's items and replicas. This collection is based upon the aesthetic admiration of the mask itself and a great fascination for the symbolism beyond the mask. Masks on this site were purchased not for their financial value but for their appeal and significance.