Grebo Mask



This is a war mask of the Grebo tribe. The Grebo arrived from the southern Sahara and settled on the coast of Liberia. The area was made up of several tribes which often got involved in battles between each other. The Grebo were soon engaged in these constant battles. Liberia was highly influenced by their neighbors to the north, the Kran and Dan. Unlike the other people living in Liberia, the Grebo are not structured by the Poro society, they are ruled by a chief known as Bodio who lives in near total isolation and also assumed the function of grand priest.

To strengthen their courage, warriors wore war masks that were constructed to terrify opponents and to put the enemy’s witchdoctors to flight. Several protruding pairs of tubular eyes characterize the long, wooden abstract masks. These eye groups were believed to be spiritually connected to protective ancestors and created the i can see all effect. The war masks appeared during dances before battles, during the battle and at the funerals of warriors.


Height : 31.1″ (79cm)