Nimba Headdress



The Baga`s Nimba represents the mother of fertility, the joy of living; it is the promise of abundant harvest. It was invoked as a goddess to aid in fertility of crops and women. She presides over all agricultural ceremonies. The Nimba represents the woman importance, beauty, and affective presence; rather than a goddess or spirit, it reflects the female role in society. Although Nimba is not a spiritual being, nor a deity, she is considered to be a being of great power.

The dancer, wearing a full raffia costume, carries the mask on his shoulders, looking out through holes between the breasts. Nimba's presence is demonstrated in all aspects if Baga life for she is present publicly at weddings to give direction to the new union; at funerals to initiate the dead; harvest to celebrate productivity; and planting to inspire her people to continue to complete difficult tasks. The mask can also stand on four legs. The Baga regard Nimba as a servant of sorts—inspiring young women with the strength to bear children and raise them to adulthood, inspiring young men to cooperative excellence in agriculture, and inspiring the ancestors to contribute toward the continuance of community well-being. The Nimba is a reminder of the valued qualities which make up the Baga social system.

Wood , Raffia , Metal tacks

Height : 28.5″ (72.4cm) , Width : 13″ (33cm)