Punu Mask



The Punu form part of the Mukuji society. Social unity is ensured by the Moukouji society whose primary role is to vanquish harmful forest spirits. The Punu Mask represents the spirits of female ancestors. The white color of the mask is a symbol for peace, deities, spirits of the dead, and the afterlife. The distinguished features and elaborated coiffure of the Puno masks portray the appearance of tribal women and represents the Punu ideals of feminine beauty; beautiful narrow, oval face, delicate chin, protruding lips and highly arched eyebrows above the almond shaped eyes. Scarification marks arranged in a square or diamonds on the forehead are attributed to female ancestors, thus giving the mask the female character. Masks without the scarifications are considered as male.

This particular mask is a tourist mask carved for decoration purpose only. This type of mask is not used in any Punu rituals or festivals.

Wood , Kaolin

Height : 19″ (48.3cm)