Toraja Blanket


Tana Toraja

The Toraja blanket comes from Tana Toraja (Torajaland)-South Sulawesi-Indonesia. The Toraja honor the dead immensely and have detailed funeral rites. For the Toraja, the dead are as much a part of society as the living. The Toraja feel that since their ancestor's souls are residing in heaven, it is appropriate that their earthly remains be on display for the pleasure of honored guests so skeletons are exhibited in crypts and grottos. These blankets are often used to decor funeral celebrations and shrines. Weaving of these blankets is done in the warp ikat method, whereby the warp threads are tied off by dye-resisting materials to produce a pattern or decoration after coloring with natural dyes. This process is repeated for each additional color. After the dyeing process is finished, the hand spun cotton threads are attached to and woven on a back strap loom. The design elements represent symbols important in the life of the deceased.

These blankets are used as decorations during Torajan funeral celebrations.

Cotton thread

Height : 65″ (165.1cm)