Bamboo Root Mask



These Masks were traditionally hand-carved by Tamang of Nepal who lived deep in the remote areas of the Himalaya. Bamboo masks are hand carved from the roots of a bamboo plant, after the tops have been harvested for other uses. First the bamboo must be carefully extracted from the ground, keeping the roots intact. Then the bamboo must be dried for months. Finally, expert crafts persons carefully carve each mask. In the teachings of Feng Shui these masks are considered to bring a lot of good luck.

Bamboo Root Masks are used to symbolize nature and act as a guardian spirit. They were hanged on the house walls for peace and room decoration. This mask is not an original Tamang mask, but it is still carved with the same traditions and materials as the Tamang bamboo root masks.

Bamboo root

Height : 13″ (33cm)