Barong Bangkal Mask



Sacred Barong masks are among the most important masks in Bali. The Barong functions as protective spirits for Balinese villages. The Bangkal (old boar) barong mask is connected with holidays of Galungan and Kuningan. These holidays are occasions were pig meat is consumed. When the villagers see the Barong Bangkal they feel the essence of the gods protecting them.

The masks of Barong are considered sacred items and permission to the tree spirit is asked before carving commence. During and after the process of carving, priest pray and perform various rites to purify the masks and invite the deities to enter the mask. This mask is a smaller, non-sacred version, often paraded by village children through the streets, mimicking adults.

Pule Wood , Fibers

Height : 11″ (27.9cm)