Ghana Mask



The wood carving industry of the Akan of Ghana is an indigenous craft tradition that remains vital in a world of rapid change. Wood carving has retained its economic and cultural importance for hundreds of years. Many carvers recreate masks from around Africa to sell in the craft market in Accra. This mask is carved upon the likeness of the Bundu Mask which is associated with the Sande society and is found throughout Sierra Leone. The Bundu masks are carved to be aesthetically pleasant to the spirits. It is believed that through its continual use the spirits will agree to embody the dancer during the ceremony. The Bundu mask is the only known masking tradition in Africa exclusively worn by women. This mask was purchased on behalf of the dealer by the Chief of the Mo Tribe.

These masks are not used traditionally, but produced for tourists as decoration only. Still they are outstanding creations which reveal the art of the Ghanaian carver.

Sese wood , Brass inserts , Cowry shells , Beads

Height : 15″ (38.1cm)