Lombok Mask



These masks originate from the island of Lombok, situated off Bali's east coast. Craftsmen use a hand wax technique for applying tribal patterns; the primitive designs feature inlayed shell highlights and intricate motifs. The motifs on the Lombok masks, all have a particular meaning and use. All kinds of animals, birds, fish and reptiles are carved; for example, the lizard represents agricultural fertility, the dove in the forehead means freedom, the fish represents prosperity, the sunrise for goodness and light and the rooster symbolizes the renewal of life at dawn. Some of the coarse, humorous figures are derived from folktales.

Lombok masks are used in theatrical dances and rituals. With the increase of tourists visiting the Indonesian islands over the years and the interest they show in the crafted art of these areas, craftsmen started to reproduce traditional and tribal masks to be sold to tourists in markets. Some of these masks are exact replicas of the originals but others have the added interpretation of the craftsmen. Still they are a picture of the skills of the craftsmen in these areas.


Height : 13″ (33cm)