Senegal Mask



This mask has been hand carved in Senegal - a country in the West Coast of Africa - where artisans use age old carving techniques that were passed down from generation to generation. Villagers of Senegal earn some money to supplement their survival needs by trying to sell sculptures, masks, or other tourist artifacts. Many of the masks they make, often, are remakes of other masks used by various African cultures and tribes. This one in particular is more an ornament than an authentic or copy of an authentic mask. In Senegal, the Dakar's African Art Biennial festival is held, were antiques and masks from all over Africa are exhibited and sold in markets. Still, these masks are outstanding creations which reveal the art of the Senegalese carver.

This is a mask carved to be sold to tourists or merchants, and used for decoration purpose only.

Mahogany , Ivory

Height : 30″ (76.2cm)