Meditating Buddha



This mask comes from Bali in Indonesia. It is a mask that portrays the face of a Meditating or Dhyana Buddha. This serene face wears a slight smile and the Buddha's double-knot hair is swept back above his elongated ears. This mask has a coating of colorful Batik.

With the increase of tourists visiting the Indonesian islands over the years and the interest they show in the crafted art of these areas, craftsmen started to reproduce various artifacts to be sold to tourists in markets. Some of these are exact replicas of the originals but others have the added interpretation of the craftsmen. Still they are a picture of the skills of the craftsmen in these areas. This is a craftsman interpretation, in which he highlights the serene expression of this meditating Buddha.

Pule wood , Batik

Height : 16″ (40.6cm)